What's in the Recipe?

dry dog food

what’s in the recipe?

5 easy steps to find out what’s in your dog’s bowl & compare with other brands

From our own labels to famous names and supermarket brands, see what’s in your dog’s bowl for peace of mind. After all, good nutrition makes for a healthier, waggier best friend. Let’s go!

What’s in {{dogName}}'s food?

Understanding food labels is the first step in choosing the right food for your dog.
Here’s what’s in the recipe of your current brand of dry dog food.

And how does it compare? See how it stacks up against similar foods and then the rest is up to you… and your dog’s taste buds.

For comparison purposes, we’ll be using the poultry/fish flavour across brands.

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Named % poultry/fish source
{{result.current.protein_source}} {{result.current.protein_quantity}}

Compare with other foods
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{{ result.recommendations[2].brand.brand }}

Main ingredient

{{ result.current.main_ingredient }} {{ result.recommendations[0].main_ingredient }} {{ result.recommendations[1].main_ingredient }} {{ result.recommendations[2].main_ingredient }}

Named % poultry/fish source

{{ result.current.protein_source }} {{ result.current.protein_quantity }} {{ result.recommendations[0].protein_source }} {{ result.recommendations[0].protein_quantity }} {{ result.recommendations[1].protein_source }} {{ result.recommendations[1].protein_quantity }} {{ result.recommendations[2].protein_source }} {{ result.recommendations[2].protein_quantity }}
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