The Recipe Calculator

In using the Recipe Calculator, you are agreeing to the following terms of use:

  1. The Recipe Calculator has been designed to provide you with a comparison of your current dry dog food against a selection of other dry dog food brands. This is based upon your dog's information, provided by you when answering the prompts in the Recipe Calculator, including: age; size; and weight. The Recipe Calculator provides a comparison estimation based upon predefined weight point values and normal activity levels (1-3 hour per day of activity) attributed to each size of dog between extra small and extra large. It also includes life stage (i.e. Puppy, Adult and Senior) product comparisons based on the age of your dog. You should understand that the estimations provided within the Recipe Calculator are limited by predefined weight point values and activity levels which may not be an exact reflection of your dog's unique characteristics and individual needs.
  2. As a user of the Recipe Calculator, you are responsible for the information that you input in relation to your dog and you should ensure this is accurate in order to obtain a realistic comparison of your dog food and the estimated feeding cost per day.
  3. The Recipe Calculator includes an estimated feeding cost which is calculated where possible using non promotional prices and checked online or in store on 12/09/18 and a specific bag size as detailed by brand in the Full Recipe data within the comparison results. Largest available bag size is used to calculate feeding cost per day; the actual cost may differ if a different bag size is purchased to those stated. The information (based on price) will be updated for all brands, including those not sold by Pets at Home, every 3 months from the 12/09/18. Prices may vary in selected Pets at Home stores, not all dog foods in the Recipe Calculator are available from Pets at Home.
  4. The Recipe Calculator includes a selection of dry dog food brands sold in the UK, however this list is not exhaustive and your particular dry dog food brand may not be included.
  5. The Recipe Calculator is populated with information taken from the labels and feeding guidelines listed on the packaging or manufacturers’ websites of all included brands as of 12/09/18. It is based on ingredient composition information which has been interpreted into three key points; Main Ingredient, Quantity of poultry/fish/beef/pork/duck and Feeding Cost per Day. Only named ingredients are taken into account when calculating quantity of poultry/fish/beef/pork/duck. Full ingredient composition information is available for each brand on the Recipe Calculator results page.
  6. Hill’s quantity of poultry is not specified as part of the total ingredient composition, but packaging does state 'Total Poultry 39%'
  7. True Instinct quantity of poultry is not clearly stated as part of the total ingredient composition, but the supplier provided us with more detailed information.
  8. Wainwright's on pack ingredients list states 31% Turkey, which is made up of 27% Turkey Meat Meal and 4% Turkey Gravy, this is what has been used to calculate the quantity of poultry data.
  9. Webbox 2.5kg bag feeding cost per day has been calculated as an equivalent 2.5kg bag - due to the price stated on, which is only available in packs of 4 at £10.36 as of 12/09/18.
  10. 'Not Stated' means total quantity of poultry/fish/beef/pork/ duck is not specified as part of the total ingredient composition. 'Not Clear' means total quantity of poultry/fish/beef/pork/ duck is not clearly stated as part of the total ingredient composition.
  11. For further recipe and product information on all of the products listed please visit the relevant manufacturer's website.
  12. Users of the Recipe Calculator are reminded that it is intended as a promotional tool in which users can compare their current dry dog food and how this contrasts to a selection of three other brands. The suggested three alternatives are brands sold by Pets at Home.
  13. Pets at Home Ltd reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions or substitute any of them from time to time and without further notice